I'm thrilled you're here.

Hi, I'm Nadia. I am a VIT registered teacher and qualified Career Practitioner. I have completed postgraduate studies in Career Development and have been a Careers Practitioner for the past nine years. I am also a Business teacher having taught Business in schools for over 10 years. I have a passion for supporting young people through early career decisions having counselled and supported hundreds of students.

A little about my background... I was born in Bendigo and moved to Melbourne to study Commerce at University when I was 18. Other than a 2.5 year stint in the UK and Ireland I have been in Melbourne ever since. I live with my partner and two children and our fabulous furry child Sparky. You may see him feature in some of my communications, if you haven't seen him already!

I look forward to helping you whether you are part of one of my courses or 1:1 coaching or you simply view my content on insta. You are all welcome and I hope I can help to reduce any stress or anxiety you or your family might be feeling about your future. It is my intention that you are able to get to a place of optimism as you get clear on your options and feel empowered to make career decisions with confidence.

Let's talk

I would love to hear your feedback! Contact me if you have any questions, comments or to request further information about any of my services. I will get back to you shortly. Remember that you can also follow me on my social networks or contact me via email: nadia@bucareers.com.au