Next Step Navigator

The Next Step Navigator is for students in their final two years of high school; VCE, HSC, IB or A level students as an example.

Whilst many schools do run some amazing career programs, by the time it comes to the final years there is often little room in the crowded curriculum to give the required attention to Career development. This means that for some students they are left to navigate these decisions alone or have a limited amount of support or time to invest in this area. This is the very reason I have created the Next Step Navigator program.

This program is born from the hundreds of conversations I have had with students and has been a labour of love. I truly believe this program will help so many students to better understand themselves and feel more confident to navigate the decisions that lie ahead, not just now, but into the future.

I have streamlined and fine-tuned the program so that it gives students only what they need and the inspiration to take action. This course will save students time as they are provided with resources and templates that will allow them to gain insights and move forward more quickly. This program is for students who are willing to engage in the process and want to get clear about their options and feel confident about their future.