Subject Selections

Subject selections can be quite overwhelming. The number of acronyms alone is enough to confuse anyone... And don't forget the amount of incorrect information that is passed around. Trust me I have heard it all!

But choosing subjects needn't be stressful, in fact it should be quite exciting for students as it is the first time students get to choose their subjects with the exception of a compulsory subject such as English in the VCE. In particular, moving into the final two years of schooling there should be no expectation that a student would 'know what they want to do after school.'

I can quickly and easily explain what is important to consider when making subject decisions and reduce the overwhelm of the process for students and their families. I have extensive experience in guiding students with VCE, VET and IB subjects in addition to being able to provide a teaching perspective of study options.

I will also look at any Career related testing a student has undertaken such as the Morrisby Profile and help students and their families to make sense of the data and report.

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