Upcoming Courses

What's next after High School ? (FREE WORKSHOP- coming June )

I am so excited to be able to share my experience with you through my upcoming courses and workshops.

What's next after High School is a free 40 minute workshop that will take you through your options after school. With a focus on training I will also cover how University and TAFE works and what to look for in a course.

Next Step Navigator

Next Step Navigator is aimed at students in their final two years of high school; VCE, IB or A level students as an example. Whilst many schools do run some amazing career programs, by the time it comes to the final years there is little room for more than a half hour career appointment. But many students would benefit from a more structured supportive approach in these final years; which the Next Step Navigator will provide! Click below for more information.

Next Step Navigator is currently open. NSN Immerse starting May 15.